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1587. Two nations are locked in bitter conflict. One strives for dominance, the other for survival.

After decades of religious strife, Elizabeth sits on the throne of England. The reformation continues. Catholic revolts have been ruthlessly quashed, and Elizabeth has ordered the execution of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. On the continent bloody religious wars rage, but England stands apart, her surrounding seas keeping her safe from the land armies of her would-be enemies. Only at sea do the English show their teeth.

Robert Varian is a lowborn Englishman but as a skilled and courageous sailor he has advanced in the ranks and has become a trusted officer in Francis Drake's formidable navy. But Varian guards a secret – one that if discovered would cost him his life: he is a Catholic. In the maelstrom of war he must decide between his conflicting loyalties to his religion, to his Queen and to his country as England faces one of the most powerful fleets the world has ever known – the mighty Spanish Armada.

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Read the Prologue of Armada

'Two Nations'

This is the first of four clips detailing the background of the conflict. Enjoy!


Battlefield Britain - Armada

A great 2004 BBC documentary on the Spanish Armada Campaign.

Well worth a view!



The second of four clips detailing the background of the conflict. This one describes the two monarchs, Elizabeth I of England and Philip II of Spain.


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