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Getting Published Workshop

Intensive one-day course facilitated by Sunday Times Bestselling author John Stack: A practical guide on taking the first steps towards getting published.

Ever dreamed of being a published writer? Ever wished of seeing your book on the shelves? Well, now is the time to act. In his course, Getting Published, John will provide participants with a practical guide on taking those all important first steps. From tips on writing and editing to preparing your work for professional appraisal, this stimulating and engaging course will offer participants the opportunity to follow the path of a Sunday Times Bestselling author.

Suitable for those who have an idea for a novel, or for writers who have already written part or all of their manuscript, the course programme will include the following;

  • Getting down to business – a writer’s space
  • Editing – a critical eye
  • Submissions – presenting the very best of your talent
  • Agents – engaging with the professionals
  • Self-publishing – the do’s and do not’s
  • Self-promotion – the changing face of writing
  • The publishing process
  • Motivation & perseverance


For more information contact me at gettingpublished@johnstack.me


Unpublished Scene

This is a piece, a battle scene I once wrote for a Roman proposal. It's based on the Battle of Idistaviso, fought in 16 AD between the Roman army under Germanicus and an alliance of German tribes. Hope you enjoy!!

The Battle of Idistaviso


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Golden Hinde

Replica at St. Mary Overie Dock
Southwark, London

I recently visted this replica of Golden Hinde in London as part of my research for my novel Armada. This was the ship Francis Drake sailed when he circumnavigated the world in 1577-1580. She was a smaller vessel than the lead ships in my story, her displacment is 300 tons with a crew of roughly 60 men, but the areas below decks gave me a sense of the space these men lived and fought in. The average height of a man at the time was less than today, but even still the space is claustrophobic will little room for the crew amidst the stores and ordnance.

The gun shown is a four pound minion. The wheel on the half deck is a modern addition. Ships of this size would have used a whipstaff for steering, a pole attached to the rudder below decks.

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The Historical Writer's Association at Kelmarsh 2011

The Festival of Living History took place at Kelmarsh, UK, recently and the HWA were there in force.


I was included on a panel with Doug Jackson, Harry Sidebottom and Ruth Downie. Our subject was; 'Pax Romana - The height of Roman Rule'. It was a great debate and the audience really got involved!
Afterwards I watched an awesome display of Roman military tactics by the Legion XIIII. Click on the pictures to see a larger image. These guys were amazing!



Article in the Irish Examiner

This is an article that was published recently in the Irish Examiner about my beginnings as a writer. It's a great piece, written by a talented local journalist, Joe McNamee

Please click here or on the image if you would like to read the article in PDF format.


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Triskel Christchurch

The opening of Triskel's new arts centre, Christchurch, in Cork. The 18th century building stands on a site that dates back to medieval times, perfect for history enthusiasts!


Join us at the Historical Writers' Association John Stack's page on Harper Collins